California Fake ID Review

Bars and nightclubs in America have become much better at spotting fake IDs that teens show up with. Inkjet printing and terrible graphic design are usually giveaways. However, Boss ID offers highly professional disposable ID cards that closely match the real deal.

Modern ID cards have UV markings, special laminates, and security inking to make replication difficult. It is, indeed, nearly impossible to dupe official authorities because of such features. However, Boss ID has enough UV markings and encoded features to easily pass verification tests at your local bar or club.

Product Features

  • Ultra HD printed
  • Holographic plating and lamination
  • Authentic-looking engravings
  • Signature at the back
  • Raised text print
  • UV visible duplicate photo and state seals
  • Encoded magnetic stripe and 2D barcodes that scan
  • Laser drilled perforations
  • Security ink in gold

The Good

The IdBoss California fake ID card is impeccably designed. Everything is done in Photoshop, but it’s impossible to tell because of the top-notch quality of the design. Official-looking fonts alone won’t fool bouncers. Boss ID has recreated some of the most telling features of a California state ID.

Each ID card has a duplicate photo, state seals, and other markings that are visible only under UV light. The Golden Gate in security ink is crucial for telling a fake ID from a real one. This fake ID nails all those features.

The ID is specially engraved and printed in Ultra HD graphics to match the official version. It even has ghost overprinting and holographic, color-shifting plating.

The duplicate design nails the features that should be readable under a real ID scanner. It includes barcodes and a magnetic stripe encoded with credentials in the ID that scanners can recognize.

The Bad

One of these fake IDs cost $100 so it’s not exactly budget-friendly. It might be a bit too much when you just want reliable plastic to get into a night club.

The fake ID may also seem too authentic. It might seem as if the holder is trying to pass off as someone else, which is illegal under California law.

Our Verdict

Boss California fake ID is a highly realistic product that resembles the official version to a scary degree. The exceptional design, UV markings, and scannable parts make it very easy to use to gain entry into clubs and bars. It’s a bit expensive, but that’s the only downside.

A fake ID that looks this realistic should be used responsibly. As long as you don’t go overboard with it, you would not be overstepping legal boundaries.

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