Fake Driving License – Alabama

Fake Alabama Driving License

Our Alabama state fake driving licenses are printed using the same high-tech machinery and software as actual licenses by agencies like the DMV in the US or the DVLA in the UK. This makes for an almost-perfect replication of the actual driving license for Alabama – guaranteed to fool even the most discerning bouncers, shop clerks, or bartenders.

This exact counterfeit license is made of high quality Teslin, just like the real thing. It also features tons of high quality security features to make it look the part. It comes with a magnetic strip that contains your information, a scannable barcode on the reverse, and “State of Alabama” in microprint along the bottom of the card. The card also features a true-to-life pearlex tri color hologram, the Alabama state seal overlapping your passport-sized photo, and high quality UV ink of the state seal on the front which shows up under black light.

The information on this Alabama state driving license includes…

  • License number
  • Vehicle class
  • Date of birth
  • License expiry date
  • License issue date
  • Name
  • Address
  • Driving restrictions
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Signature

As these fake driving licenses are so packed full of information, it’s absolutely crucial that you get the information right when you order one from us. Don’t put your eyes as blue if they’re brown, for example – people will see straight through it if they’re looking carefully at the details on your license!

All you need to do is click Order, then follow our simple order process to get your fake Alabama driving license. It’s as simple as that!