Fake Driving License – Iowa

Our fake IDs for the state of Iowa are as beautiful as the state itself. Printed on the finest quality Teslin material – just like the real thing – and complete with the necessary holograms of Iowa and the Capitol Dome.

UV inks are used to print the state seal on the front; and a ghost photo and your name on the back; meaning that whatever way a bouncer looks at it, it’ll pass – hello to your favorite bars and clubs!

Your signature and date of birth are printed using raised lettering, so they can be felt as well as seen; another necessary security feature for this fake driving license.

A pair of ghost photos appear on the front, and this feature-packed license also contains actual microprint and 2D and 1D barcodes, both legitimately scannable.

The information on this Iowa state fake driving license includes…

  • License number
  • Vehicle class
  • Date of birth
  • License expiry date
  • License issue date
  • Name
  • Address
  • Driving restrictions
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Signature
  • Organ donor

Where can I find a fake ID? Right here! Just click Order and follow the simple process! Make sure you give us reasonable information though, don’t tell us you’re 6ft if you’re 5ft 2 – nobody’s going to believe that!