Fake Driving License – Louisiana

Louisiana’s driving license is very nice. It asks you to not drink and drive and to not litter the state. Isn’t that nice? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ultra realistic fake ID of this license? Of course it would. In fact, you’d be honoring Louisiana’s wishes to spread their message of sober driving and picking up your own litter.

These fake driving licenses are printed on the highest quality PVC, just like the real thing. There’s a hologram of an outline of the state of Louisiana, as well as UV inks used to print the state seal across the center of your license. Unlike most licenses, these don’t have a ghost picture; but there is a fully scannable 2D barcode on the back.

Basically, the long and short of it is these fake IDs have all the necessary security features copied to perfection. This means that anyone – whether they’re a bouncer, a bartender, or even a priest – would believe that they’re completely legit.

The information on this Louisiana state fake driving license includes…

  • License number
  • Vehicle class
  • Date of birth
  • License expiry date
  • License issue date
  • Name
  • Address
  • Driving restrictions
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Signature
  • Social Security number

Where can I find a fake ID? Just click Order and follow the simple process! Make sure you give us reasonable information though, don’t tell us you’re 6ft if you’re 5ft 2, because nobody will believe your ID then! We work miracles on fake ID cards, not in real life!