Fake Driving License – Ohio

Ohio is a great place to drive through. Why? Because it has tonnes of well looked-after roads to ride on! Ohio has one of the largest road networks in America. To top it off, it’s beautiful to drive around Ohio, too, thanks to the huge number of rivers and lakes to see around the state. The Appalachian Plateaus are also in Ohio, and are definitely worth exploring.

Ohio is an unusual place, and its weather – ranging from cold and snowfall through to almost subtropical temperatures – kind of drives this point home. Perhaps part of the reason for this is its proximity to Lake Erie, so it’s definitely something Marshall Teller ought to investigate (hello, Eerie, Indiana fans). Ohio is also a “swing state”, meaning it is a state that doesn’t predominantly affiliate with either the Democrats or Republicans and that there are significant amounts of voters on both ends of the spectrum (a positive for some).

Ohio has a distinct economic advantage thanks to its geographic location, as it’s a major gate way for cargo and business traffic into Canada and northern and eastern USA. The Lincoln Highway goes through here, and it is also the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cedar Point and one of the best railroads to travel on in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Our fake Ohio driving licenses are made exactly like the real thing, and look it, too. Unlike most cheaply-produced (yet far too expensive) fake IDs, ours are made using a high-quality PVC material, and an overlay with the “Department of Public Safety” viewable under UV lighting. Sideways at the left of the ID is the state outline. Upper right photo corner state flag. Capitol building near center. “Ohio” at right state outline and bird at top left of ghost image concentric ovals around and state seal below ghost image tire tread curved along top and bottom right. The prior license had no such UV features, so you know we’re on top of the game.

The information on this Ohio state fake driving license includes…

  • License Number
  • Vehicle Class
  • Date of Birth
  • License Expiry Date
  • License Issue Date
  • Name
  • Address
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • 2D Barcode
  • Micro-Print
  • Ghost Picture
  • Magnetic Strip

As these fake driving licenses are so packed full of information, it’s absolutely critical that you get the information right when you order one from us. Don’t put your eyes as blue if they’re brown, for example – people will see straight through it if they’re looking carefully at the details on your license! Stretch the truth – make it believable! Get around the US hassle-free, and be as free as America truly wants you to be!

All you need to do is click Order, then follow our simple order process to get your fake OHIO driving license. It’s as simple as that!