Fake ID Card Equipment

Our fake ID cards are the best in the business for two reasons:

  1. We’ve been in the game for a very long time. We’ve gone from making budget laminates in basements in the 1980s right up to where we are now. In our 30+ years of experience, we’ve seen millions of IDs, both real and fake. We know that some drivers licenses are 0.03 inches thick, whereas others are 0.024 inches thick – even though both are considered standardized CR80 format. Making a perfect, high-quality fake is all in the details – and we have the knowledge to get the details right.
  2. We have the best ID card printing equipment in the business, bar none. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars into our business, obtaining the highest end printing machines, the most authentic holographic overlays, and the most realistic microtext – some of which we’ve even created entirely bespoke.

Our main bad boy is the beating heart of our entire operation – the FARGO HDP8500 industrial ID card printer and encoder. This precision-engineered, touch-screen operated, rugged-as-hell solid metal masterpiece machine set us back nearly $80,000 – and you can see why.

The HDP8500 industrial card printer and encoder is loaded with features to maximize card yield per shift, including:

  • Multi-card processing
  • 400-card input hopper capacity
  • Accessible card path
  • Built-in physical and electronic security features
  • FARGO Workbench diagnostic utility
  • Color Assist tool

We also splashed out on every conceivable optional module to ensure that we were ahead of the rest when it comes to printing perfect fake ID cards. These modules were not cheap, and really make the difference in a variety of ways:

  • Interoperable Lamination module
  • Laser Engraver module
  • Laser Writer module to create vanGO® cards with unique visual security patches
  • High Durable HDP film

Combined with the government-approved software applications, this is the printer to use. Should we ever need to, we can print Driver’s Licenses, National ID Cards, Border Crossing Cards, Voter Registrations, Service Bureau IDs, and University Student ID Cards. You can check out more about this incredible printer here on the HID website.

Backing up the main FARGO printer, we’ve also got our hands on the excellent Heidelberg Suprasetter A106 plate press. As well as being the highest quality, de facto tool for printing flawless microprint, the Suprasetter has a modular design which allows us to print any microprint, in any design, whether it’s a fake license from Ohio or Alabama. The Intelligent Diode System (IDS) virtually eliminates production losses, and an integrated cooling system prevents any adverse impact from external temperatures. What you get is a perfect fake ID card every time – regardless of temperature or pattern intricacy.

Of course, along with the above hardware, we also employ the best software, including:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • AssureID
  • Cardpresso
  • Bespoke Barcode Generators
  • PDFCenter
  • CardLogix Card Encoding Engine

All of this high-tech gear combines to make perfect fake ID cards, every time.